CES preview

The excitement is building – no not Super Bowl – that’s a month away. For tech-savvy minded folks – The Consumer Electronics Show – starts Tuesday. It has an impact on your business, on personal space and drives culture and trends.

As in year’s past, I’ll be covering the event for our clients and several online magazines. The Blog page at http://www.wendtproductions.com will be updated daily.

Just how big is CES:

• 1.8 million square feet of space – bigger than 31 NFL fields.
• The entire Las Vegas Convention Center – The Las Vegas Hotel – The Venetian Convention space, and outdoor parking areas that are now tented.
• 150-thousand attendees
• $39 room rates? Ha! – try $650 a night.
Stars from Justin Bieber to rapper 50 Cent to Snooki, are booked to make appearances on behalf of the major exhibitors.

Major Trends to Watch:

• Internet TV – The big players, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Vizio are all trying to beat the rumored Apple TV to market. Apple won’t comment in advance but look for an Apple announcement this year. For boardrooms, training rooms to the bedroom, our advice is hold-off on spending until summer. Many of these products never make it out of the starting gate.
• Ultra Notebooks – Apple started the trend with the MacBook Air, and the major players HP, Dell, IBM will all introduce thin, solid state drive, longer battery life devices. This spring look for Apple to bring these features to the MacBook Pro line.
• Digital Health – An entire section is dedicated to the integration of wireless, iPhone or Smartphone size add-ons to monitor and help manage everything from diabetes to heart monitors. Big business and a way to keep aging parents independent longer. Implications for controlling employee health care costs through wellness programs all tied to personal accountability.
• Sports and Fitness – From the Nike shoe that tracks your run to diving deep seas, technology to make your workouts and outdoor activities more fun, safer and more effective are being launched.
Finally, if your company has a specific promotion, rewards or loyalty program that is planned for 2012 and you want Consumer Electronics for the driver, please email me. We have volume pricing discounts with all of the big names, fulfillment and marketing support.