Newest Use For iPhone – Terrorist Hunter, Stud Finder, Leak Detector Day 3 at Consumer Electronics Show

So the lipstick battery stick – greatest thing since sliced bread – may have been a bit premature. I found something even better at the International Consumer Electronics Show – a high tech thermal imaging device that works with your iPhone.

FLIR for iPhone

FLIR for iPhone

FLIR, the people whose technology helped capture bin Laden, helps boaters’ find their way at night, are now making it possible for you to find a stud in the wall, a leak in the pipes, or a creep hiding in the shadows.

FLIR selfie


Five years ago this technology was military grade only and came with a six figure price tag. Starting in April a mere 349 bucks will get you the FLIR One. The device slips onto your iPhone’s back and sports both a visible and thermal camera. It has its own battery back, which can power the device for hours.

From safety on a construction job site to safety in a dark parking lot the uses are endless. Up for the most innovative gadget at the CES Show, it’s not the only iPhone enhancer making news today.

(I had to include one selfie from Vegas – even if it is a thermal image.)

iphone Home Automation

Home Automation

Home automation is a highly fragmented market. Competing technologies and professional installation all but relegated early attempts at remote control for most, except the well to do and those building new homes.

Revolv, a startup out of Colorado figured out a way to take all the competing Wi-Fi signals from smart light switches, door locks, thermostats like Nest and more, and combine them in a single hub that could interface with an app on your phone. Priced at under $300, you can easily do presets that trigger by time or your GPS position relative to returning home and have the lights on, the temperature adjusted and even dinner started in the oven.

Other major advancements at this year’s show include any number of Smartphone connected health devices that do everything from monitor your heart rate and if need be alert your cardiologist to watching glucose levels, right down to making sure an elderly parent takes their daily meds.

All of these inexpensive sensors extend the possibility of independent living for seniors, save money and help reduce unnecessary trips to the ER for those living with chronic health issues.

Muse Stress Manager

Muse Stress Manager

Of course as with any trade show, there are a few somewhat questionable devices we found. Muse has a brain sensing headband that claims to help you manage stress.

Incorporating seven EEG sensors to detect and measure your brain activity, just as a heart monitor measures heart rate, the information is converted into an app you can track via tablet or smartphone and then provides a series of training exercises designed to calm and focus so that emotions don’t get the better of you.



Finally the fun stuff! Here are pictures of the new high tech cars unveiled at CES. Ford’s solar powered car, Audi’s very sexy laser light headlamps, and Toyota’s concept tri-cycle pod car that is actually in use in Europe.

Ford electric car. Notice the roof has solar panels to recharge the electric powered car

Ford electric car. Notice the roof has solar panels to recharge the electric powered car

Audi with Laser headlights

Audi with Laser headlights

Closeup of Audi's new Laser headlights

Closeup of Audi’s new Laser headlights

Toyota's concept tri-cycle pod car

Toyota’s concept tri-cycle pod car

Day 2 CES: The Perfect Electronics Gift For Her

REJUV - Lipstick with Power!

REJUV – Lipstick with Power!

Pretty sure I found the Holy Grail here at the Consumer Electronics Show. Didn’t have to walk all 27 football fields of exhibits either, even though I will by Friday when the show closes. Rejuv looks like a lipstick, complete with gold accent band and textured case. This cleverly designed marriage saver is a feather-lite, rapid external battery charger that works with all Smartphones and extends up to 10 and one-half hours of talk time.


Instead of toting a power stick or brick like external battery, this 3000mAh capacity charger will easily slip into a purse. It comes with a mini USB and Micro USB sync cable and includes a built-in LED beacon flashlight.
The company also makes a more robust battery charger for tablets and smartphones that looks like a compact case complete with lighted mirror inside.

Too Much Big Bang Theory

3D Me Photobooth where you become an action figure!

3D Me Photobooth where you become an action figure!

Fans of the Big Bang Theory will remember an episode where Raj and Howard order expensive custom made Star Trek dolls in their likenesses. Here’s your chance to have such a doll without spending a fortune and I can see this go over big at corporate events or as a money maker for charity.

3D model of yourself!

3D model of yourself!

The 3DMe Photobooth captures your face instantly, then on a tablet size screen, lets you spin your likeness in 3D and select from over 50 different figurines using your new 3D portrait. The image is transmitted to a 3D printer and model generation takes place. Right now the cost is about $70 per figurine. The Photobooth and printers are part of a much larger collection of 3D printers being introduced at CES, with some of the prosumer machines breaking below the $1,000 mark for the first time.

I was impressed with the detail in the face of each figurine. This image to the left is very life like. The Photobooth will be commercially available the 2nd half of the year.

Personal Event Photo Printing

Personal Event Photo Printing


Another corporate event winner is Polaroid. At a time when the camera industry has all but disappeared thanks to smartphones, the people who made instant photography a hit for 50 years are back. They are promoting new versions of the instant print camera and a van that will show up at your event to take pictures and put them in commemorative frames. Polaroid has a Mobile Print Shop van stationed in Florida – visit

Move Over FitBit

Garmin Vivofit

Garmin Vivofit

A fair number of legacy players here have jumped on the fitness bandwagon and are offering those lightweight, water resistant arm bands that track your steps, your sleep, and even monitor heart rates. Garmin has a real winner with Vivofit, their newly released answer to the FitBit. Garmin says it automatically greets users with personalized daily goals, tracks that progress, and then enhances exercise regimens over time.
It does not include a GPS.
This unit only has to be recharged once a year, has one of the larger, better readout displays and transmits wirelessly to smartphones or PCs. It will work with Apple and Android platforms.
And if you like listening to music while running, working out even swimming, Blue Ant unleashes fully waterproof, completely wireless sportsbuds that allow for eight hours of continuous use with up to 100 feet range. Offered in a variety of color, the Pump HD Sportbuds include a half dozen different size ear tips that will fit no matter your ear size.

Pump HD Sportbuds

Pump HD Sportbuds

Wearable devices are one of the big themes of this year’s innovations. Keep in mind that while you may be seeing news reports online, not all products get to market, and most won’t hit stores until early summer.

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Preview Day at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas

I am wondering if the days of the movie theater are numbered. Coming to a Best Buy in the near year are 100 inch plus Ultra High Definition TVs and screens that curve with the push of a button, all with 4x the clarity improvement on what’s available today.

Frankly, were I still on TV in the Tampa market, I’d hate to see my makeup bill. When detail and color are so rich that the sins of too many greasy burgers and sodas from your teenage years are depicted in wall to wall glory, making your face look more like a lunar surface, Houston we have a problem. Even though these models allow for streaming home movies and digital pictures, without some help from Photoshop, I believe you’ll restrict the use to the images doctored in Hollywood. And wow do the movies pop in 4K !

Samsung UHDTV

Samsung Ultra High Definition 4K TV

Here at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where pushing the innovation envelope is expected, our week of bringing you a glimpse into the future starts with the screens you’ll put in homes, use at trade shows and add to the boardroom.

LG’s bendable Ultra OLED is just a mere 77” and goes from flat to curved with a rather well engineered unlikely combination of water and gears. The slender mechanism bends the edges out 7.5 cm, giving you more of a cinema experience. Remember this is the future you’re looking at, and this model won’t hit stores until sometime in 2015.

What will be available later this year is from Roku. The puck like set top box maker known for streaming 100 plus channels of content like NetFlix and HBO Home via the Internet got tired of the promises from Silicon Valley and brought in six partners including TV makers Heisense and TCL and integrated Roku into the TV along with a very easy to use interface.  Prices will be on the Walmart side and give all of us pause to eliminate the cable bill.

Tv with Roku

Hisense TV embedded with Roku platform


Some manufacturers are breaking from the how-thin-can-it-go design. Sony, for example, offers a rather stylish wedge design for its mammoth collection of 4K TVs. Plus you get their collection of films for downloading, including Captain Phillips on the day it’s released on Blu Ray. Now with the thousands of other gadgets here, if I find the movie theatre popcorn emulator, all I can say is sell your stock in Regal Cinemas.

Why is this important? The flat screen, high def TV in your living room is about to hit 10 years old.  Over the next three years Americans will go on a spending spree to replace those early sets that were stunning in 720p and 60 cycles.

Among the other big stories that will debut here on opening day:

There is a race to reinvent the automobile. Electronic touch screen dashboards, sensors that not only create a safer driving experience but fully integrate smartphone apps for hands free driving are on display from high end makers like Range Rover down to Chevy. This show is easily stealing the spotlight from Detroit.

And the other big story you’ll read about online today:

Intel's SmartWare Earbuds

Intel Earbuds new SmartWare for the health conscious audiophile

Forget the NSA, America is about to start spying on itself. The emerging theme here at the largest Innovation Stage in the world is all about SmartWare – intelligent devices that create a lifelog to help inspire, motivate and improve. From chip maker Intel to Sony’s Core, the aisles are buzzing about earbuds that monitor your heart rate, movement-sensing bracelets and smartwatches to a lightweight sensor attached to a tennis racket to improve your swing.

Many of you have given me specific items to look for in the premium rewards channel, for promotions, or in construction safety and IT hardware. I’ll be communicating directly with you as the week unfolds.

A great site for comprehensive coverage is They must have 25 reporters here and with a show that spans the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, the adjoining Las Vegas Hotel, The Venetian Convention Center – –  it’s just too big to see everything in four days.  But I’m going to enjoy every step.


Wendt Among Top 50 Women Led Businesses in Florida

ImageWendt Productions Recognized as Top 50 Women-Led Businesses in Florida


(Miami, FL) – Susan Wendt, president of Wendt Productions, was recognized (March 30, 2012) as one of the top women-led businesses in Florida by The Commonwealth Institute South Florida during their annual awards presentation in Miami.

Wendt ranked 17th on the list of women-led business. The recognition was part of a program that includes results of a statewide survey to understand business challenges that women leaders are currently facing. Among the findings:

  • The majority of women business leaders are experiencing heightened levels of pressure as they assume more job responsibilities including marketing, sales and human resources.
  • Women leaders are following national legislation more closely and indicate they are aware of the impact it will have on their business.
  • Women leaders are embracing technology by utilizing online media such as corporate websites and social media to promote their businesses.

Susan Wendt led her company through a transformation in the past decade to becoming a premier resource for strategy and trend forecasting for Reward Programs, Consumer Incentives, Trade Show Premiums and Campaign Fulfillment. The company has attained state MBE and national DBE diversity certifications.

Consumer Electronics Show Wrap Report


Road warriors have a tongue in cheek joke about getting a wake-up call and asking what city is this. After a grueling week in Las Vegas at the massive Consumer Electronics Show, I’m wondering whether I got off the plane in Detroit for the Auto Show.

Ford, Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Porsche are here making major keynote presentations and showing off concept cars that are usually reserved for the Motor City. Dr. Dieter Zetsche, head of Daimler AG and Mercedes offered this insight.

“As much as a smartphone can be more than just a tool for communication, a smart car can be more than a means of transportation. Precisely at the interfaces between communication and mobility, vast potential for innovation lies dormant, and we intent to tap it.”

Ford revealed their 2013 Fusion Energi car with a camera imbedded in the windshield that alerts a driver to unintentional lane drifting. Mercedes is showing off one of the themes from the show, a heads up display that uses sensors to eliminate buttons and switches on a dash. We saw a number of electric car charging stations for homes, condos and the workplace. The electric car revolution is happening in this decade. New office space or plant design should include provisions for employee car recharging.

ImageFor your corporate boardroom, two noteworthy items. Sharp TV is out next month with the Aquos Board, 60 – 70 – 80 inch backlit touch screen panels built on Microsoft based interactive software for collaborative meetings, presentations, video conferences and interactive digital signage.

Sharp also is bringing to market a TV that cuts the cord. The Freestyle Series 20 – 32 -40 – 60 inch screens are ultra thin and ultra light and use Wi-Fi to connect to cable. This opens up numerous retrofit designs for home, office, your boat or RV, even the man cave.

If you are looking for a truly show stopping interactive display, check out MultiTouch Americas.  The website video is impressive. I’m sure they are pricey but turn your best creative loose and prepare to inspire and lead.

ImageUsing iPads for tradeshows? Checkout the adjustable security stand from a company called Cleanly designed, classy and a good way to leave the unitsunattended without them walking off.

Smartphones and thin laptops dominate the show here. The industry now acknowledges that the lifespan of a smartphone is 90 days before the next great device comes to market. Unless you are Apple, and then once a year for a product refresh works just nicely. Here at the show there is a mind-numbing 120,000 square feet of iPhone case displays. Half are geared for fashion, the other half for protecting those of us who are accident prone from dropping or getting the phones wet.

ImageOn that topic, one of the more useful handouts I received was  The Loksak. Don’t let the ziplock looking bag fool you. It just won military approval. Slide your cellphone or iPad into the LokSak andits certified waterproof to 60 meters. There is place for imprint on the sak as well as a card insert. Wendt will have these in our promotional product inventory.

ImageFrom Innergie, a Magic Cable, 3-in-1 Retractable USB Cable that eliminates a box full of tips. This one works on Apple and Android devices. This company makes all of Apples power supplies and they have a wide range of accessories that make inexpensive conference gifts or again trade show handouts.

ImageLastly, RCA unveiled a USB wall plate charger. It plugs into a standard home AC outlet, turning a regular outlet into a two port rapid charging outlet for portable devices with a single regular AC outlet. Retail is $19.99.

If we can help your team find the right promo or corporate gift, please call me. Wendt is now iHome, Sony, Canon and Apple distributors for name brands along with a number of niche brands.

CES preview

The excitement is building – no not Super Bowl – that’s a month away. For tech-savvy minded folks – The Consumer Electronics Show – starts Tuesday. It has an impact on your business, on personal space and drives culture and trends.

As in year’s past, I’ll be covering the event for our clients and several online magazines. The Blog page at will be updated daily.

Just how big is CES:

• 1.8 million square feet of space – bigger than 31 NFL fields.
• The entire Las Vegas Convention Center – The Las Vegas Hotel – The Venetian Convention space, and outdoor parking areas that are now tented.
• 150-thousand attendees
• $39 room rates? Ha! – try $650 a night.
Stars from Justin Bieber to rapper 50 Cent to Snooki, are booked to make appearances on behalf of the major exhibitors.

Major Trends to Watch:

• Internet TV – The big players, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Vizio are all trying to beat the rumored Apple TV to market. Apple won’t comment in advance but look for an Apple announcement this year. For boardrooms, training rooms to the bedroom, our advice is hold-off on spending until summer. Many of these products never make it out of the starting gate.
• Ultra Notebooks – Apple started the trend with the MacBook Air, and the major players HP, Dell, IBM will all introduce thin, solid state drive, longer battery life devices. This spring look for Apple to bring these features to the MacBook Pro line.
• Digital Health – An entire section is dedicated to the integration of wireless, iPhone or Smartphone size add-ons to monitor and help manage everything from diabetes to heart monitors. Big business and a way to keep aging parents independent longer. Implications for controlling employee health care costs through wellness programs all tied to personal accountability.
• Sports and Fitness – From the Nike shoe that tracks your run to diving deep seas, technology to make your workouts and outdoor activities more fun, safer and more effective are being launched.
Finally, if your company has a specific promotion, rewards or loyalty program that is planned for 2012 and you want Consumer Electronics for the driver, please email me. We have volume pricing discounts with all of the big names, fulfillment and marketing support.


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